Commander 2013

Peace stretches across the languid land ...

... but not for long. The mists of time recede from the open field, only to reveal figures forged on the anvil of destiny. They are mighty. They are storied. They are legendary. And they are about to battle for supremacy. Commander is a casual multiplayer format in which each player's deck is led by the legendary creature of his or her choice—fittingly, that's the deck's commander. The rest of the deck is a specially crafted arsenal of creatures, artifacts, and other spells, designed to reflect the personality of that commander and take advantage of his or her strengths. Your commander itself starts the game face up outside your deck, in a special area called the command zone. Not only does your commander get to witness all the action from this lofty perch (and, of course, intimidate your opponents right from the get-go), you can cast your commander from there! That makes it an ever-present threat to show up on the battlefield and personally take charge. If your commander would die, you can whisk it right back to the command zone instead, where it's ready to be cast again.


Magic: The Gathering Commander gibt es als fünf verschiedene Highlander-Decks mit jeweils 100 Karten. Jedes Deck enthält auch drei übergroße Premiumkarten von legendären Kommandeuren, die anstelle der normalen Versionen der Karten verwendet werden können (die sich auch im Deck befinden).

Die 51 neuen Karten sind in den Eternal-Formaten (also Vintage und Legacy) legal, aber nicht legal in Standard, Extended und Block-Constructed.


1. November 2013


Common Uncommon Rare Mythic